How is Spoke Phone different?

Sure, Spoke answers & routes calls, has an auto-attendant, does voicemail, call transfer, team calling, has direct dial in numbers, can use your existing phone numbers, yada yada, yada, but who cares, you can get that anywhere.  Here's what's really different about Spoke Phone:


  • Simple to use. Too many features confuse employees. Spoke has just the core features companies need, and nothing they don’t.
  • More calls, more business. Spoke gets employees and customers talking more in real-time, solving problems faster so your business grows.
  • Clear Voice calls – not VoIP. VoIP call quality can be horrible at times. Spoke calls go over the phone network so calls are always crystal clear.
  • 100% mobile. Spoke only needs a mobile phone to work. You don't need anything else. Simple.
  • 100% BYOD. Spoke is a true Bring Your Own Device solution. Employees can use a smartphone on any phone network / carrier. Their phone, or one you provide to them.
  • Employee-friendly. VoIP phone systems can use up employee data plans. Spoke uses their unlimited voice minutes, which they don’t usually use or care about.


Is Spoke Phone right for you? 

Spoke is for companies that want to reduce infrastructure, simplify phone communications, and save money.


Spoke is ideal for companies that:

  • Have more than three employees
  • Need to look very professional
  • Have employees that deal with customers  (e.g: sales, customer support, finance, operations, etc.)
  • Have remote employees or employees who are away from their desks a lot
  • Don't have full time IT resources to setup and maintain phone systems
  • Need a high quality business phone system that is simple to use and just works